Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pics of fest costumes that I made

Here are a couple pics of some costumes I did for the Ren fest.. Craig and Jaci my son and daughter in heart go there so much... Jaci has even started working out there.. they have so much fun..

This pic is of them when they started dating... I made my sons outfit.

This pic is of the pirate costume I made for Craig.

Lily wanted a Gypsy costume and this is what I made for her.. she loved it.. :)

This is the costume I made for Chloe..isn't she precious?

This is the one I made for Lydia.. love the color with her eyes.

And this is silly ol me... not to bad for being 55 yrs old... I made this out of curtains that I got at a local thrift shop... I tell you I have to find the best bargains when I go shopping.. :) I also had the velour on hand in my stash so my costume was very cheap...

Have a great day.. Hugs, Kath


Kellee said...

Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for following me! Those costumes are awesome!! How long did it take you to make all of them?? :)

Heather Huggins said...

Cool costumes!!!