Sunday, March 4, 2012

Doll clothes swap

I'm in a Doll clothes swap over at Swapbot.. it is called "Adventures in American Girl Doll Swaps".
and this is my very first time in swapping... I signed up for the Color My Doll- March-Green swap... First let me say that green is not a fav color of mine... but I wanted to get my feet wet in the swap..
I started with picking this fun fabric because it looks so springy (is that even a word?).. just thought with all the snow here that it was a ray of sunshine.

So I picked a pattern for a cut sundress.. I used Butterick 5961

I totally loved how cute the dress is.

But I thought it is not enough "Green" in it so I got out another pattern and decided to make a shirt... . I used Simplicity 8541 veiw C.

I remember my sister wearing a lot of sweater sets so I used the same fabric for the tank as the outer sweater. I also added short sleeves because in the spring up here in the north it is still chilly and can have snow until almost May.

But I how had a sweater set but nothing to wear the sweater with.. So I got out one of the cut off legs of a pair of jeans for one of my grands. I just made a tunnel in the top and ran elastic through it and tada I had a Jean Skirt.. bit it was to plain!

So I got out my embrodiery thread and freehand stitched a stem I could put the flower button on.. BTW I am teaching my 8 yr old grand some stitches... then I sewed on the buttons for the sweater and the big button for the skirt.. but it still didn't strike me.... So I took out my trusty ol' fingernail polish and put a couple coats in the middle of the flowers. and this is the final look.

As I was putting the outfit in the envy to mail off I thought "oh my" no accessory so I whipped together a matching headband for the sundress.. so it is not in the picture. :(
It was fun to do and I hope my partner likes the outfit I made her..
Can't wait for the next one.
Hugs, Kath


akimbo said...

I love it!
I'm going to have to hit up a thrift store with my measuring tape and pick up some kids jeans and make a skirt now :)

Shasarignis said...

Hi ! I just bought my Simplicity craft I hope that can help me a lot to make fashion for my dolls.
See you soon !