Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Doll Wardrobe Design Challenge Contest

Well folks I entered the “Doll Wardrobe Design Challenge” contest. My first one was a dress where I paid homage to “The Wizard of Oz” movie. I have loved that movie all of my life. It brings such wonderful memories of my childhood. The movie was usually played every Palm Sunday and as a family we would make caramel popcorn and gather in the living room to watch it all together. I remember being of awe of the movie when it turned into color when Glinda appeared. (In those days almost all things on TV were still in Black and White) Really when she came out of the house that landed on the witch. But in my mind it was when Glinda appeared. There is just something so magical about her. So I wanted to make something I feel is so magical too. Hope you all like it.
The second dress I picked a “Peacock” as my theme. I love birds because they can be so beautiful and the peacock to me is the prettiest. It is so weird to me that I love it since it has so much green in it and I am NOT a green person. But the way the blue and green work together is so beautiful. In a way it is also homage to TV also. When something was in color on TV on NBC the peacock would appear saying it was “In Living Color” and that just always stuck with me, so when I think of something so beautiful and colorful I think of the peacock. I started designing it and it just wouldn’t work out the way I wanted it to so I had to rethink it. (Do you all think out your problems or designs when falling asleep? I know that is my best time to work them out in my mind.) This one was a lot more time consuming than the Glinda. I had to cut out the 47 feathers with a hot knife since the edges would have frayed. My first couple of feathers didn’t work out. I hope you like it too.
You can vote for it at!/2012/12/entrant-66-design-my-plans-this-time-is.html and say “I vote for this one” or you can email Nora at and say you vote for #66.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hearts $ Hearts Consuelo Giveway!

Never Grow Up
Grab My Blog Buttons! :) She is having a giveaway to celebrate 161 followers. 2 of my grands have H4H dolls and love them.. they would great for Little sisters to their other dolls.. I adore these with BFC Ink dolls.. Please go check out her blog and enter to win. Hugs, Kath

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Parks with Tink and the Grands.

We go to the park all the time to walk our pup Tinkerbelle.. sometimes we get to take our grands too.. we enjoy doing both.
Minnie got an American Girl doll for her Bday and she wanted to bring it along.. we had been picking of sticks and using them as walking sticks.. so she found a small one for her doll to play along too.
Here we are at the actual dog park..and the girls wanted to climb the trees and take turns getting their pics taken.. my monkeys!!!
Here is our baby girl Tinkerbelle.. our life has changed so much because we have her.. she is such a joy to have and to love.
This last pic is from last fall.. my oldest grand Lily went to the dog park and helped rake out woodchips to make the park more dog friendly.. what a girl!! :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

My very first American Girl doll

So I was looking on Craigslist and found this AG doll for only $30 but it had been posted a few days back.. Well I sent her a note asking if it was still available and to my disbelief it still was... So we set it up to meet at a Target Store and I now am a proud owner of my very first American Girl Doll.. I was thinking about naming her Matilda Jane... it is sorta after my sister and and grandfather.. My grand used to call my sister Susan Melissa Matilda Jane.. said it was after his old girlfriends.. I don't remember him very much about him because I was 6 when he died..but I do remember him walking me half way to kindergarten and my brother giving up his recess to get me the other half.. Well here she is Matilda Jane
I really don't know much about American dolls but she is a #43 and came in her original box and with the receipt still in the a big time score.
She has one tiny dot by her nose and that is her only blemish.. I am assuming that since the lady was of spanish ancestry that she tried to get the doll to look like her daughter and since it didn't the little girl never bonded with the doll.. all to my advantage. All of her joints are tight.. she really does look brand spanking new.
Look at her hair.
Have a great day!! Hugs, Kath

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My little crafter!

One day my little Granddaughter Minnie (Jasmine) couldn't wait to show me what she had done at her house one night...

She had taken an old pair of capris and first took a sock and cut it to patch the knee of her pants... then she took glitter paints and wrote her initials on the legs and then made swirls on the cuffs.. lastly she glued down gems to make a flower... here is her fabulous pants!!!

So proud of my little crafter.. And that she did it by herself and felt confident to do it. Way to go Minnie Binnie!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Doll clothes swap

I'm in a Doll clothes swap over at Swapbot.. it is called "Adventures in American Girl Doll Swaps".
and this is my very first time in swapping... I signed up for the Color My Doll- March-Green swap... First let me say that green is not a fav color of mine... but I wanted to get my feet wet in the swap..
I started with picking this fun fabric because it looks so springy (is that even a word?).. just thought with all the snow here that it was a ray of sunshine.

So I picked a pattern for a cut sundress.. I used Butterick 5961

I totally loved how cute the dress is.

But I thought it is not enough "Green" in it so I got out another pattern and decided to make a shirt... . I used Simplicity 8541 veiw C.

I remember my sister wearing a lot of sweater sets so I used the same fabric for the tank as the outer sweater. I also added short sleeves because in the spring up here in the north it is still chilly and can have snow until almost May.

But I how had a sweater set but nothing to wear the sweater with.. So I got out one of the cut off legs of a pair of jeans for one of my grands. I just made a tunnel in the top and ran elastic through it and tada I had a Jean Skirt.. bit it was to plain!

So I got out my embrodiery thread and freehand stitched a stem I could put the flower button on.. BTW I am teaching my 8 yr old grand some stitches... then I sewed on the buttons for the sweater and the big button for the skirt.. but it still didn't strike me.... So I took out my trusty ol' fingernail polish and put a couple coats in the middle of the flowers. and this is the final look.

As I was putting the outfit in the envy to mail off I thought "oh my" no accessory so I whipped together a matching headband for the sundress.. so it is not in the picture. :(
It was fun to do and I hope my partner likes the outfit I made her..
Can't wait for the next one.
Hugs, Kath

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pics of fest costumes that I made

Here are a couple pics of some costumes I did for the Ren fest.. Craig and Jaci my son and daughter in heart go there so much... Jaci has even started working out there.. they have so much fun..

This pic is of them when they started dating... I made my sons outfit.

This pic is of the pirate costume I made for Craig.

Lily wanted a Gypsy costume and this is what I made for her.. she loved it.. :)

This is the costume I made for Chloe..isn't she precious?

This is the one I made for Lydia.. love the color with her eyes.

And this is silly ol me... not to bad for being 55 yrs old... I made this out of curtains that I got at a local thrift shop... I tell you I have to find the best bargains when I go shopping.. :) I also had the velour on hand in my stash so my costume was very cheap...

Have a great day.. Hugs, Kath