Friday, September 28, 2012

My very first American Girl doll

So I was looking on Craigslist and found this AG doll for only $30 but it had been posted a few days back.. Well I sent her a note asking if it was still available and to my disbelief it still was... So we set it up to meet at a Target Store and I now am a proud owner of my very first American Girl Doll.. I was thinking about naming her Matilda Jane... it is sorta after my sister and and grandfather.. My grand used to call my sister Susan Melissa Matilda Jane.. said it was after his old girlfriends.. I don't remember him very much about him because I was 6 when he died..but I do remember him walking me half way to kindergarten and my brother giving up his recess to get me the other half.. Well here she is Matilda Jane
I really don't know much about American dolls but she is a #43 and came in her original box and with the receipt still in the a big time score.
She has one tiny dot by her nose and that is her only blemish.. I am assuming that since the lady was of spanish ancestry that she tried to get the doll to look like her daughter and since it didn't the little girl never bonded with the doll.. all to my advantage. All of her joints are tight.. she really does look brand spanking new.
Look at her hair.
Have a great day!! Hugs, Kath

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Kiya said...

Wow, what a great find! Your new doll is gorgeous and the price isn't that bad either, haha.