Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My little crafter!

One day my little Granddaughter Minnie (Jasmine) couldn't wait to show me what she had done at her house one night...

She had taken an old pair of capris and first took a sock and cut it to patch the knee of her pants... then she took glitter paints and wrote her initials on the legs and then made swirls on the cuffs.. lastly she glued down gems to make a flower... here is her fabulous pants!!!

So proud of my little crafter.. And that she did it by herself and felt confident to do it. Way to go Minnie Binnie!!!


Pam said...

wow such a proud moment for you!!:)

Pam said...

Hi Kath what a lovely blog u made,followed YOU :)I just started mine a few days ago at http://dollsvalley.blogspot.in/
It would be an honour for me if you follow me back !!:) Thanks.